Vulpes vulpes sitting
Red fox

Red Foxes (Vulpes vulpes) are a widespread animal found all over the northern hemisphere, in the country and in the city.


They are found all over the Northern Hemisphere, in North America, Europe, Asia, China, Russia and the Med.

Though most known for living in the country Red Foxes are also found in many cities.


The adults are 35-50 cm high at the shoulder with a body length of 50-90 cm.

The fox has amber eyes and a very distinctive, bush, red tail tipped with white. It's coat can often vary in colour from red-brown to a yellowy-brown. It looks it's best from October to January when it's coat is full and silky.

It undergoes a moult from around May and remains looking rather unitidy for the rest of the summer.



Paw PrintsEdit

A fox's paw prints are narrow in shape with the front toes being close together, they form a rough "diamond" shape, unlike a dog's oval-shaped paw prints. Another good way to distinguish between is that when a line is drawn across the front edges of the outer toe pads it will be behind of just touching back edges of the two central pads.

A fox has five toes on the fore paws and four toes on the hind paws, but, both hind and fore paws only show four toes. The length is 5cm and width 4-4.5cm though the hind print is a little smaller than the fore print.