The head of a dandelion ready to disperse it's seeds.

(or Taraxacum officinale) is a common and easy to recognise plant, or weed as it is often classified.

The flowering head of a dandelion.


It has leaves which form a rosete and are 5-25cm long, the flower heads are a bright yellow and are made up of lots of small florets which close during the night before opening again the day. The seed head is also easy to recognise, consisting of hundreds of small florets which are dispersed in the wind.


Culinary Uses:Edit


As food the leaves of a dandelion can be served in a salad, always pick the youngest as they taste the best. Remove any stalk that has been accidentally picked. It is best served with an oily dressing and garlic.


The leaves can be eaten in a sandwich with a little Worcester sauce or cooked in butter.


The roots are used for coffee, dig up the main taproot then dry it throughly before roasting in the oven until brittle. Grind then drink as normal coffee.