Bellis perennis daisy
The Common Daisy (Bellis perennis) is a lovely little flower (or a pesky weed in other peoples minds) which is known for it's medicinal properties (see further down the page)


It is a herbaceous plant (a plant whose leaves and stems die down at the end of the growing season) with hardy, spoon-like leaves which lie close to the ground and are evergreen.

The flower is produced on a leavless stem (2-10 cm tall) the flower is small with tiny white florets branching out frow yellow disk florets (the white florets can have a reddish colouration).

The head closes at night and re-opens in the day.



Traditionally they are used in salads but can be used added to soups and omelettes.

Medicinal PropertiesEdit

This un-assuming plant is very medicinal and is anti-inflammatory, expectorant, and is a good tonic for colds.