Common Reed 132
Common Reed or Phragmites autralis is a plant that has been used for a wide range of uses for centuries.


The Common Reed is a very common plant (hence the name) and forms dense beds and can grow in little water.

It can grow stems 2-6 metres high and has long leaves (20-50cms long) and a growth of long silky heads on the top of the stem.

Uses Edit

As Food:Edit

This grass has several uses as food. The North American Indians used to collect the gum that issues from the broken green stalks and make them into balls before eating them as sweets.

Another way of eating the reed is too cut the reeds when they're green and then dry them, grind them, and then sift out the flour. Due to it's high sugar content, then placed near a fire it swells, turns brown and can be eaten like a roasted marshmallow.

The root is also edible when cooked.