It's amazing the amount of plants and trees that are edible, a lot of them have been hanging around under our noses and dismissed as "weeds" for years.

Take the humble Dandelion for example, it has a lot of uses from food to bouncy balls it's surprising how many uses such an insignificant plant can have!

Of course, when out gathering these plants you must take some precautions, whilst few plants in Britain are actually posionous there is always the chance you might accidently pick them and the results, though not always fatal, can be messy to say the least.

Make sure you've identified the plant and that you're 100% sure what you're looking at is the real deal. Check out information on any look-alikes and be wary if the plant happens to look like a species that is poisonous, also, if you are pregnant then some wild foods should not be consumed.

When out gathering make sure you have something to put your produce in, this can be as simple as an up-turned hat, or you could go for a basket, it's you choice! Another good thing to carrry around with you is a pocket-book on wild food with good identification tips if you're still not completly confident in your skills of identification. A good one is Food for Free which can be brought in a small pocket-book size.


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